Spare Parts

“Spare Parts,” is a funny, interesting and highly-enjoyable movie about a teenage group of smart, hard-working and creative high school students. They are competing in a competition which is quite prestigious. They are competing against the best colleges in the US. The robot competition has extremely high stakes. After great help from their science teacher, they end up winning the whole competition. This is something I find really interesting.

The different schools had unmatched amounts of money. MIT had a lot of money to spend when Carl Hayden only had under eight hundred dollars. When MIT used eighteen thousand dollars, they probably felt quite superior.  In addition, MIT was a university who was the best at IT. But despite the money and circumstances, Carl Hayden won. That is very inspiring and proves that money is not everything.

Robots can be helpful and useful in many different ways. Robots can help plenty of sich people and the weak persons in our society.  They can, for example, be used to take people out of buildings after a fire or other catastrophes. Robots can also be helpful in hospitals where they might be able to help a patient and give them the right treatment.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do a lot. You need to have good teamwork at school and at your job. We have all been on that group where someone takes the lead and the others are just commanded around. If we are going to find the best solution, should we help each other.


Bilderesultat for spare parts movie


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