Dear Leonardo DiCaprio

Today, my class and I watched a movie about climate change. The documentary was called “Before the Flood”. This documentary was so inspiring and interesting. I learned a lot about how fast everything is happening. “Before the Flood”, inspired me to be more responsible when it comes to inspired me to regain as well. You told us that it was really important to do something before it gets too late. We need to save our environment now!

Even though its great to do something on your own, that isn’t enough. We need to stay together as a time, especially with everything that is going in the United States today. When Donald J. Trump removed the USA from the Paris contract, I felt like something really bad was happening. The Antartic is melting, and several Polar bears are losing their lives. The consequences of our actions are not going to hurt our generation, but our children as well. Barack Obama was telling about how dangerous this situation is, but few seem to care. It looks to me that millions of people from of over the world to not know what is happening.

I am a 16-year-old teen from Norway, and my English class is currently working with the theme “Global warming”. I have to now found out how horrifying things are. We are constantly using fossil fuel, and it is not going to stop at the moment. This is one of the reasons why I am so shocked. Because we do not know what is actually happening to our planet.

If you answer this post I will get a box with NASA-mints. So I hope you will do me this favor.

Regards, Fredrik, a student from Norway


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